Spear Staff Super Bowl predictions

Ryan Vermont:

I’m not a New England Patriots fan one bit. I’m tired of seeing them win. It’s hard to respect them through the countless controversies they are involved in, but unfortunately I also understand they are great. The Falcons’ Matt Ryan finally has the tools at his disposal, taking his game and the entire offense’s to the next level (along with a half-decent defense), but I can guarantee The Golden Boy Tom Brady has plans to pass up Joe Montana and Terry Bradshaw and win his fifth ring. It’s going to be a good game, but the Patriots will find a way in the end. New England wins 24-14

Sandeep Chandok:

Atlanta is so hot right now and it’s their time to take the crown. They haven’t made it this far in a while and surely understand how important a win on Sunday would be for the franchise. ATL 34-30.

Luke Johnson:

The New England Patriots are looking as poised as ever. However, the last time they looked this unbeatable, they were embarrassed by the New York Giants in 2008. History repeats itself and that is why the “Hotlanta” Falcons will win their first Lombardi Trophy come Sunday.  

Omar Perez:

I think that this year’s Super Bowl is going to be a really close game. The New England Patriots have arguably the best player the NFL has ever seen in Tom Brady. Ranking third in points scored during the regular season, the Patriots looked strong throughout the playoffs. Atlanta has had a magical season with the emergence of second year defensive star Vic Beasley and an MVP-type season from Matt Ryan. I am a firm believer in a balanced team, and all year long Atlanta’s defense has stepped up the challenge. The game will be close and will come down to whoever has the ball last. There’s a reason why they call Tom Brady the “Comeback Kid” and he will win his 5th Super Bowl in typical Brady fashion.

Jessica Stopper:

I think the Patriots are going to win the Super Bowl. They are going to take home the win because they have overcame their problems, fixed their errors and continue to work as a team. My predicted score is New England 24, Falcons 16.

Taylor Lupetti:

I think the Patriots are going to beat the Falcons on Sunday; for more reasons than just deflated balls. To start, the Patriots have won four Super Bowls and have eight Super Bowl appearances compared to the one time the Falcons went and lost to the Denver Broncos. Similarly, this will be Tom Brady’s seventh Super Bowl, which means he will enter with four rings in comparison to Matt Ryan who has no previous Super Bowl experience. Lastly, while this will be Falcon’s coach Dan Quinn’s third Super Bowl in the last four years, he did lose to the Patriots in Super Bowl XLIX when he was coaching the Seattle Seahawks.

Ernesto Gonzalez:

The New England Patriots will win Super Bowl 51 Sunday night in Houston because defense wins championships. With the number one scoring defense in the league, the Patriots can handle Atlanta’s high-powered dynamic offense, the same way the Seattle Seahawks silenced the Denver Broncos to eight points in SB48 and the same way the Denver Broncos kept Cam Newton and the Carolina’s explosive offense in check last year at SB50. Not to mention, eleven of the last twelve Super Bowl Champions had worn white jerseys, and guess who is wearing white this coming Sunday. The Pats will take it, 38-28.

Lindsey Boyd:

The Atlanta Falcons are going to win the super bowl. My prediction is that they’ll be down in the first three quarters and then they’ll come back in the fourth to win. That’s kind of an out-there prediction, but I’m basing that off of the 3-1 leads blown by the Warriors against the Cavs and the Indians against the Cubs. Matt Ryan has running back Davonte Freeman and strong receivers like Julio Jones and Mohamed Sanu. Las Vegas predicts the Patriots to win with a -3 point spread, but the Falcons just might pull this one out.

Ivan Gutierrez:

Super Bowl 51 ends with the Atlanta Falcons hoisting the Lombardi trophy as they defeat the New England Patriots 31-27. The Falcons will be led by the passing attack of Super Bowl and regular season MVP Matt Ryan who will throw for 345 yards and three touchdowns. A lack of offensive execution on the part of New England will cause the Pats to come up short in the end.

Sergio Valencia:

Defense wins championships. There’s no better stage than the Super Bowl for the New England Patriots’ defense to prove they are legit, even if Belichick’s unit had a somewhat lenient schedule this year. Patriots will win, 38-28

Oscar Acevedo:

I think the Atlanta Falcons will beat the New England Patriots with a score of 35 to 31. One of the biggest factors will be that Atlanta’s running backs will either open up the receiver for Matt Ryan or having to focus on covering wide receivers and tight ends will be too much for the Patriots defense. The Patriots defense, which faced a weak offensive schedule skewing the stat books, won’t be able to keep up with the quick and killer Falcon’s offense.

Casey Geier:

While the Atlanta Falcon’s offense has been soaring as of late, the New England Patriot offense will be looking to take advantage of Atlanta’s young secondary. Tom Brady and Bill Belichick are out to seal their case for best duo in NFL history, and I don’t think Julio and Matty Ice will be effective enough to play spoiler. Expect a close game early, with New England pushing ahead late.


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