Changes made atop SJSU athletics

By Ryan Vermont

South Campus could look quite different relatively soon with Gene Bleymaier’s move from athletic director to special adviser to the president. His role change should certainly speed up the planned developments on South Campus with that full-time responsibility.

“I am looking forward to this opportunity to focus fully on our South Campus master plan, which is critical to the future success of our athletics programs,” Bleymaier said in an interview.

The move surely came as a surprise to all but a select few when San Jose State president Mary Papazian made the announcement on Feb. 9.

In 2014, San Jose State revealed its $75 million-plus, multiphase operation to transform the 62 acres of South Campus into a state-of-the-art athletic compound. The “Master Plan” as it is deemed, was designed solely based on the idea that SJSU could find donors willing to fund the different renovations.  

One year ago, SJSU broke ground on a $10.2 million golf practice facility funded entirely by private contributors.

The facility was recently completed and is set to open in the spring, putting a cap on Phase 1 of the operation. Phase 2, according to the SJSU NEWSROOM, consists of a clubhouse with a fitness center along with coach’s offices and a locker room.

It doesn’t take a genius realize that a team with proper facilities and equipment will have more success than a team without the same luxuries. Better preparation typically means better outcome.

As of now, SJSU doesn’t have the right amenities to prepare their athletes to be the best version of themselves.

Not to say that SJSU doesn’t win, but the lack of a place to train, practice and even play unquestionably play a part in the coaches’ and players’ performance.

On many college campuses, when it’s game day, you know it. At SJSU, you would think the day was just like any other.

A completed south campus would give the campus’ sports culture a jolt of energy it so desperately needs.

There is so much potential in many ways for a university located in the 10th largest city in the country, and one of those ways is within sport.

If Bleymaier can make this plan a reality, SJSU will have another reason for people, particularly prospective student-athletes to attend.


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